I am pleased to announce the Travel Cook Eat! live online virtual tour and cook-along beginning from February 2021. Every month we will travel to different destination and our first city is Penang, Malaysia on 27th Feb. It is now open for bookings. 

Join my team on an interactive and virtual travel and food tour to the magical island of Penang in Malaysia. Guests will enjoy watching the colourful sights and sounds of Penang, learning more about the history of this fascinating UNESCO world heritage destination and the exclusive Eastern & Oriental hotel. After the tour, you can join me with a live cook along and learn how to make one of Penang’s most famous dishes. Watch out for my Chef top tips! Also joining us are the Chef & Co-owner of Jawi House Café & Gallery and Tropical Spice Garden.


So bring your friends and sign up to book your space - link below. You will receive a FREE travel guide - eTravelPack PDF document containing my recipes and handpicked top attractions for all the family to enjoy once we can safety travel again.